Crag: /KRAG/ noun. A steep or rugged cliff or rock face.

My favorite indoor climbing gyms:

Atlanta GA, Stone Summit

Washington DC area, EarthTreks

Nashville TN, Climb Nashville

Research Triangle NC, Triangle Rock Club

My favorite Outdoor climbing Areas:

Tennessee, The Tennessee Wall

Virginia, The New River Gorge

Kentucky, Red River Gorge

Tennessee/Kentucky boarder, King’s Bluff

Maryland, Annapolis Rocks

New York, The Gunks

West Virginia, Seneca Rocks

Starting Climbing:

If you’re new to climbing, don’t be worried, it takes awhile to get use to it. I recommend learning to top rope first; you’ll always have the rope to catch you and you can take breaks without coming off the rock. Gyms are great because the holds are typically brightly marked by tape and many give free lessons. Don’t be discouraged at becoming tired quickly, climbing uses multiple muscle groups at once so it’s easy to tire.


If you’re looking for a climbing partner, I recommend ClimbFind!


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