I’m a busy graduate student hoping to one day have a PhD. It’s a lot of work…draining work to become a PhD I’ve found. Two things keep me going though, climbing and eating! With all the stress of graduate school, I’ve found it important to eat healthy and get lots of exercise. This blog is the chronicles of my graduate school experiences. The failures and successes and all the fun of veggies and climbing to get me through.

So, a little bit about me:

I’m B! I’m an active and fun loving person. I love to climb, cycle, hike, travel, and cook. My family is very important to me! I have the most supportive and smart boyfriend, J. He just received his PhD and I’m beyond proud of him. 

My parents always encouraged me to try new foods growing up and to always eat in moderation. Their broad range of tastes and love of traveling influenced me greatly. I am a Pescatarian- vegetarian, but will eat fish, eggs, and milk. My diet is a reflection of health and my environmental beliefs. I also have an intolerance to yeast, a common staple in most vegetarian diets. Working around this allergy can be fun and aggravating at the same time.

I started climbing at a summer camp when I was in elementary school, but didn’t do much climbing throughout high school and college due to playing golf. In graduate school I became hooked again to the sport of climbing. I like to boulder indoors, and sport and lead climb inside and outdoors. I like climbing as a sport because it’s not only physically challenging, but mentally. Each climb is a puzzle that changes for different sizes and shapes and ability levels. I love that J and I can climb a route completely differently based on our strengths. I love small crimps and weird positioning while J is really good at slopers and moves requiring upper body strength. Nevertheless, we’re always in the gym together pushing each other to expand our climbing techniques.


2 responses to “About

  1. cool blog name! very unique…I’ve always wanted to dabble with climbing but have been too afraid. (Let’s just say gym class circuit trainings on the rock wall traumatized me.)

  2. It’s so nice to “meet” you B! Is this your first blog? Your writing comes across so charismatic. I can really feel how passionate you are about climbing and that is so awesome! I tried climbing once a few years ago with some friends…it was a lot of fun and boy, were my arms SORE the next day! What a workout!

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