Get a Grip! part 1

I’ve been drinking lots of carrot juice! I need to post pictures, promise I’ll be better. I’ve tried adding some unique things to it including ginger (yum!), apple, kale, spinach, and blackberries! So on with the post….

If you’re reading this then you know I love climbing! I believe rock climbing is the most amazing sport. It gives me such a well rounded workout in a fun puzzle atmosphere. The hardest thing for me to learn with climbing was holds and the best way to approach them. As a female with small hands, I can adjust holds to make them more useful to me. However, there are some basic techniques that will help you obtain the best grip depending on the hold.


Underhangs are unique holds and much easier to grip than one might expect. Wrap your hand underneath and support your weight outwards. Placing weight between your palm and fingers will give you lots of strength without the need to grip using your forearm and fingers.


Crimps are small holds that test the ability of you to hold your weight and balance only using your finger tips. They’re not comfortable and often will make your fingers hurt after using them. I think the best way to use them is to balance the weight on your distal phalanges (the distal parts of each finger tip).

J’s larger hands are in a similar position.


Pinches are just as they sound, a hold that you have to pinch between your fingers. However, instead of pinching with your index and thumb, you pinch with your four fingers and your thumb. Squeezing your fingers around the hold is the best way to know you have friction to keep you connected to the wall and balance.


Slopers have no hold, but are rather a smoothed ledge. The best way to hold onto a sloper is to place your finger tips to the back of the hold and to keep your weight below the hold. I prefer to keep my forearm straight  and directly below the hold. J demonstrates nicely below.

Play around with holds and test what you’re comfortable with. Slopers are difficult at first, but you will become more and more comfortable with them as you test and try with your body position.

Each hold is different, no two are the same. Even though I’ve displayed pictures of the holds here, you will likely never have the exact same hold as I’ve displayed.

Stay tuned for part 2 as there are still a few more types of holds to tell you about! Happy Climbing!

What type of exercise are you into lately? 


4 responses to “Get a Grip! part 1

  1. I’m seriously so jealous that you go climbing! I went like once when I was in girl scouts haha. My school last year had a climbing wall. I should have totally taken advantage of it!

    • You should definitely look up climbing walls in your area! There are three separate gyms within an hour from me. I know an hour can be a long drive, but it’s a great day adventure!

  2. My boyfriend and I LOVE rock climbing! It is such a bonus that it doubles up as an awesome arm and ab work out! At the moment I am into strength strength, like Body Pump classes – great way to balance out the running 🙂

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