Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today has been great so far! I absolutely love birthdays! Don’t you?

So, updates on happenings this weekend….Saturday we climbed in the gym (sorry for the blur of these pictures, I wasn’t the one using my camera 🙂 )

And ate Mexican food that night.

Sunday we got up early and climbed outside the whole day!

(J looks enthusiastic -not- as I clean my route!)

I love this picture from above as I go up to clean.

These are just a few pictures from the weekend as I’m about to write a post on climbing tips! Stay tuned!

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?


6 responses to “Happy Birthday to Me!!!

  1. Funnn! Not sure if I’ve said it yet, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😀

  2. I spent one of my birthdays in the climbing gym and that was pretty fun. Maybe I’ll rent a pool for the next one…That last picture is pretty cool and, oh yeah, Happy Birthday!

  3. I didn’t realise we were birthday twins!! Hope you had a great celebration :)!

  4. You are such a climber! Happy belated Birthday!
    I love to just relax and be surrounded with all things I love on my bdays. Mine is this Saturday and I’m going to the beach with my fiance & puppy boy. After that, we’re going home and BBQ’ing. 🙂

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