What I Ate Wednesday!

So today was a really long day! I mean super long!!!! Sorry for the short post, but I did very little than work, and work, and work some more! So, on to bigger and better things…..WIAW hosted by Jenn

My juicing challenge started off this morning with some carrot and mango juice! Yummy!! One small problem though, the mangos didn’t juice very well. I felt like I was mostly drinking carrot juice. I really wanted some mango flare in my juice!


As a snack, I got an iced soymisto from starbucks! Always needing caffeine on a busy day, and no better way than starbucks!


And for lunch, (@ 4pm!!!) I had the last quinoa and black bean burger leftovers. It was really good and I was so glad there was extra honey mustard on it as an added treat. No worries, I don’t eat all my veggie burgers without additional veggies. I don’t think veggies transport that well though on sandwiches. My sandwich always seems mushy with tomatoes, and lettuce….well I need lettuce AND tomato!


I didn’t get dinner till 11pm! WOWIES! I know super late. I was so hungry that I just scarfed it all down! J took me out though to a late night restaurant and I had a spinach wrap with portobello mushrooms, guacamole, and honey mustard.

Not very much food today! 😦 I have a habit when I’m stressed of not eating. It seems like people usually over eat or under eat when they’re stressed.

Do you over or under eat when you are stressed? How do you transport veggies on a sandwich so your bread doesn’t get soggy?


3 responses to “What I Ate Wednesday!

  1. I usually put the veggies in a separate container and then add them in the sandwich right before I am going to eat my sandwich- helps prevent sogginess!

  2. I really need a juicer! My brother (of all people) bought one and has been loving it

  3. that burger looks insanely good! Love the honey mustard on it. Good call. 🙂

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