Tastes like dirt!

Today I tried beet and mango juice as part of my juicing challenge!


After mixing it became a fluorescent pink color!


Beautiful!…and then I tried it


I didn’t think it was too bad. Could definitely be better with some agave, but overall not horrible. J however promptly said, “tastes like dirt” after just one tiny drop!!! Haha guess my J is not a beet person.

Do you like beets?


7 responses to “Tastes like dirt!

  1. I love beets! As a juice though, not so sure 😉

  2. Well this juice is beautiful even if it wasn’t super delicious 😉 I don’t have a juicer yet. Your blog makes me want to step my game up and get one!

  3. Lol, beets are one of those foods that I absolutely CANNOT stand. I tried the once and felt like I was going to puke! So I’m not sure how I’d like to as juice, but it sure does make a pretty color!

    • Haha, I understand Cara! I didn’t try them for a long time and even now, if they’re not cooked right I’m not a fan. You’re right though, the color is gorgeous! Any ideas for a juice next week?

  4. caloricandcrazy

    I love beets! They taste and look colorful!! But I was never a fan of vegetable juice.

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