And so it begins


I decided to start my juicing challenge with a nice colorful blend of carrots and blueberries! 

Look at that gorgeous color! The carrots are giving me B-Carotene which my body absorbs as Vitamin A! Did you know carrots use to be grown for their leaves and not the rich, mineral containing orange vegetable we eat today? Their cousins are actually fennel and dill. Weird huh? I never think of carrot leaves as being useful.

The blueberries helped sweeten and take the bite off the carrot juice. I really enjoyed the flavor, and the vitamins after the workout yesterday! I put the juice in a mason jar because I have read that’s the best way to transport it if you are not drinking it immediately. Since I was running late for work already, I thought it would be good to drink while checking emails…and it was! The only negative is that the tiny pieces of pulp from the carrots are a little sticky to my throat since they were mixed into the juice on my walk to work. 

Day 1 complete! Tomorrow my plan is to create a juice combination without any carrots! Hmmm maybe mango and strawberry? Or Apple, Ginger, and Orange? Any suggestions?


4 responses to “And so it begins

  1. I got my mother a juicer for christmas and she’s been making all sorts of amazing blends, but definitely not carrot/blueberry. Sounds like an awesome pairing, I’ll have to recommend it to her 🙂

    My favorite juicer so far has been a mix of kale, ginger, lemon and carrot. So good and refreshing!

    • Thanks Emilia! Lemon is a great idea, I never would have thought of that! I was planning on making lemonade this week so I will try adding lemon to the juicer too! I have some kale, but thought I’d slowly ease into that so I will definitely try your mix soon!

  2. Apple Ginger Orange sounds really good!

    • Thanks Tina! My grocery store was out of a lot of produce, including ginger today, so hopefully I can try it in the next few days or so! Stay tuned and thanks for the comment!

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