Sunday Fundays!

I can’t believe my weekend is already over, where did it go? J and I slept in this morning and then went to breakfast at our favorite pancake place. It’s extra special because each table has a little griddle in the center so that you get to cook your own pancakes. We had blueberry and walnut whole wheat pancakes! I would have taken a picture….but I only remembered after I was full! We ran a few errands afterwards, mostly to pick up fruits and carrots to start my juicing! I decided to start with fruits mostly and ease into vegetables. I’m really excited about the blueberries and mango! Can’t wait to see what mixtures I can make up!

With some chores out of the way, J and I decided to go climbing. Since we are still tired from yesterday, we decided it would be a good idea to ride our bikes to and from the gym for added exercise. After climbing till 7pm, we then took rode our bikes to a nearby greenway for some paved riding without the bother of cars chasing us down. By the time we got back to the apartment we both looked like we had been run over by a bus! Did I mention, it was 95 degrees today!?!  Once we finished complaining though, we looked back and saw a beautiful red sunset. The picture doesn’t do it justice as we only had our lousy phone cameras.

All the exercising this weekend had J and I both hungry and dehydrated. After chugging water till our stomachs hurt, we pulled out a frozen cheese pizza (Against the Grain) from the freezer. After topping it with some baby bellas, green peppers, and olives we placed it in the oven and awaited impatiently for it to be finished.

The pizza was delicious and well deserved after all the exercising this weekend! Tomorrow starts the juicing challenge and I’m excited to see what’s in store, even if it means I still have to go to work tomorrow.

What fun things did you do this Memorial Day Weekend?


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