Sportin’ Doylies

Memorial day means SUMMER!!! To begin the summer in style, J and I went climbing outdoors today. There’s no better way to spend a hot 93 degree May day then climbing rock under shade trees next to a river.

The first lead of the day today was called “Sportin’ Doylies”, hence the name of the post. A nice and easy warm up, it was full of handholds and little foot placements. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly an easy climb can be made into a hard one when using the wrong holds.

Maybe it was the fact that I haven’t been climbing outside in a month, maybe it was the soymisto for breakfast, or maybe it was the fact it’s Memorial day weekend, but the smell of the rock and the feel of the wind on the water was amazing! Days like today make me never want to stop climbing. There’s something empowering about climbing a rock, especially as a small female.

After four hours of leading and top roping, I started up “Thomas the Train”. Thomas is only a 5.6, but is severely changed by water damage and requires using places with slightly less water damage as hand and foot holds in multiple places at my height. After a day of climbing in the sun, empty water bottle, and a falling helmet due to my pony tail falling out I decided to stop….just two moves away from being finished. It’s always difficult to stop when you’re so close, but I knew if I pushed on any further I was likely to fall and that’s not how I wanted to end the day.

To top the day off, I finished it with J taking me out to eat sushi! Doesn’t it look beautiful? I loved the umbrella on the boat, I guess our sushi was suppose to be tropical!

How do you decide when it’s best to stop leading outdoors?


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